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Maplewood, NJ


Antique French Metal Lace

French gold and silver metal lace became the fashion rage in the 1920's, when the prestigious design houses of Paris and London featured these opulent trimmings in their couture collections. Special machinery was invented and tooled in France specifically for the production of these intricate metallic embellishments. Metals of gold, silver and copper were pressed and drawn into fine threads, then spun around a core of the finest silk. Hand embroidered details would often later be applied to the exquisite motifs for highlighting and finishing. Due to prohibitive manufacturing costs of this magnificent metalwork, the machines were shut down and disassembled without a trace. Sadly, any hopes of reviving these woven treasures is now virtually impossible. What remains in present day is very rare, highly valued and coveted by collectors worldwide. 


jk nk #89 PG 10 RESIZED.jpg
jk nk #89 PG 10 RESIZED.jpg



16” Chain, .75” Circle Pendant Diameter 

Swarovski, 14 Karat Gold Filled Vitrail, Silver Shade 

Antique Gold Metal Lace 

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