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Maplewood, NJ


Jamie Kole spent much of her childhood in pursuit of all that glitters. Antique shop windows piled high with mysterious sparkling treasures would mesmerize and captivate her imagination. Rock collecting served as further inspiration when she smashed open each stone and revealed the crystalline wonderland hidden inside. This magical place can be found in each piece of jewelry Jamie has ever created. 

New York born and raised, Jamie Kole attended Parsons School of Design. Upon graduation, she began her career in the cosmetics industry designing perfume bottles and packaging. Before long, she realized that the opportunity for expressing her true artistry was not possible within this context. Her true passion had become collecting vintage clothing and accessories, so she switched gears and began designing jewelry that reflected her unique personal style. 

In her latest collection, Kole features Antique French Metal Lace as her focal point, reviving these spun treasures with a fresh and current sensibility. She innovated techniques to preserve and protect these rare textiles, ensuring their beauty and integrity will be upheld for generations to come. 

Each piece is handmade by the artist in the tradition of timeless craftsmanship with meticulous care paid to every detail. Her hand- sculpted silhouettes are inspired by original vintage motifs within the lace. Semi-precious gemstones and tiny Swarovski crystal elements frame each piece, expressing Kole's signature style of ethereal sparkle and femininity.